ZEUSSIMS: Furniture and...potions and stuff :D

YUXI: Male outfit and eyes

TRAPPING: Hair recolours and clothes

SIMSOMNIA: Beautiful advent gift clothes!!


LILITH tumblr: Nose masks, hair recolours and adorable sims :)

LIDIQNATA: Pretty hairs!

KOTICOUTURE: Clothes and eyebrows

HYPNOTIZED SIMS: Advent gifts 7 to 1 (hair recolours + cute sweaters)

FLOTTEUR: walls and floors

DIGITAL ANGELS: Hair recolours and make up

CALIPIP SIMS: A dorm, houses, appartements etc. (more than pictured)

AMOVITAM: Paintings, a rug, a nursery, beddings, furniture, windows... etc.

ALLELIUA: Door recolours, Servo-default, dresses and lots of beautiful sims!