ZEROGRAPHIC: Wardrobe, windows, doors, plant clutter and clothes

TRAPPING: Dresses for teen, adult and elder female

THE NINTHWAVE SIMS: Couch-recolours and other objects (+ hairs, sorry the pic is old)

TEALEAF: Maxis- malehair in Tealeaf's own colours

SELENAQ: Lots of Maxis match-hairs

NEEDLECREAM: Pants, tops and outfits

MAYTESIMS: A female sim

LILITH tublr: Hair retexture and a beautiful skinblend

LIDIQNATA: Victorian clothes for women and for girls (not pictured)

KOTICOUTURE: Denim clothes

JOEDY: 22 Maxis match-hairs for women and 3 Maxis match-hairs for men

GREYMANTICORE: Skysims hair recolour, 2 female sims and one male sim (not pictured)

FALENNE: Skysims 29 hair recolour


EINFACH SIMS: Curtains and... stuff :) (click the first pages and u find new stuff, clothes and flowers etc.)

DIGITAL DEVILS: 2 hairs for men pookleted

DATAPEACH: Hair recolour, lots of bright object recolours and floors

CALIPIP SIMS: Houses (all are not pictured)

AMOVITAM: Paintings, curtains, flowers, furniture and a door (not pictured)