ZODAPOP: Teen dresses and eyeshadow

TRAPPING: eyebrows, pookleted hair, hair conversion 3to2, floors and age conversions for clothes


THE SKELLJAY: Cute dresses

SYNESTESI: Eyebrows, eyes, lips and a freckled skintone

SELENAQ: paintings, table recolours and hair recolours (all not pictured)

REINES DE L'ORIENT: Beautiful hair retexture (+ Newsea Sakura not pictured) 

PEGGYZONE: New free hair

ORITASHO: Male brows



LILITH tumblr: Super cute sims and skintones!! + Lots of more (not pictured eyebrows, nosemasks and hair recolours)

LIDIQNATA: Two dresses for victorian teen girls

LASKY'S FASHION: Cool outfits!

KOTICOUTURE: Outfits (+ sunglasses and a sim - not pictured)

JOEDY: Nine Maxis match-hairs

HYBRIDE DE THE: Outfits and hair retextures

EMILIASIM: Jewellery, hair retextures (two not shown, Newsea Sakura and Skysims malehair 35)

EINFACH-SIMS: Walls (the link takes you to the right site, but if you go to the first site there are more new stuff, which are not in the picture, like curtains)

DATAPEACH: Peggy hair pookleted, naturals and unnaturals