This is the first time I share my sims :) I'm playing fantasy-themed neighbourhood, so here are four alien sims for you!



Sunny is a bright young lady, who likes sunbathing, summer and flowers. She doesn't like to be called Space-Barbie, which most of her old school-mates say.

CC-credits: Nilou, Emilia, Vampire_aninyosaloh, pinketamine, petchy, mouseyblue, Maron, Lilith

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Piritta loves all kinds of sports and she wishes to have a big family someday. She just loves the colour purple and she wears it on her clothes and even decorates her appartement with it.

CC-Credits: UYS, Trapping, Enayla, Lilith, Nabila

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Gustav loves studyng and learning new things. Even though he loves studying, he is not a quiet bookworm. He loves to tease girls and be goofy all the time.

CC-credits: Lilith, Ga-Laxy, Trapping, Yuxi



Ice Cube is a bad-ass rocker! He rocks all night and loves playing his guitar. His secret passion though is reading poems... but he keeps it as a deep guarded secret, which no one is allowed to find out.

CC-credits: Jessy, Synestesi, Enayla, Trapping

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I think you have to have Bon Voyage for Ice Cube to work, because he has that nose ring. I also noticed this issue (the scalp) in bodyshop, but I don't remember noticing that in the game:


A BIG THANK YOU for all the awesome CC-creators! And I'm very sorry if I forgot someone. Some of them have my default eyebrows, so they may show up in your game with maxis eyebrows or your own default eyebrows. I hope I did everything right :) Let me know if there are any problems.